Impact Windows & Hurricanes Doors BahamasImpact Windows and Doors in Bahamas

Living in the Bahamas is a dream for many of us. The islands are a tropical paradise with clear blue water and warm weather year round.

But like all things that seem too good to be true, there is a downside to island life. Tropical storms and hurricanes are a major risk, and it can be a challenge to find building materials if you need to build a home or a business.

Hurricane Dorian isn’t the first hurricane to hit the Bahamas, but it’s one of, if not the, most devastating storms to hit the islands.

Marsh Harbour has been almost completely destroyed, along with Freeport and Hopetown. Green Turtle Cay is flooded and Treasure Cay is devastated. Grand Bahama Island and Abaco Island took the full force of the hurricane, and many, possibly most, of the buildings on those islands have been flattened. It will take massive rebuilding efforts to restore those communities back to what they once were, and that’s going to require a lot of material. Seaview Building Solutions can help.

We sell all the building materials you need to build and rebuild homes and businesses in the Bahamas. In addition to our windows and doors we also supple tile and metal roofs, metal studs, drywall, lumber and flooring. We have a long history of supplying those materials to the Caribbean, so we already have the supply lines in place to get your building materials to you quickly and efficiently, and we know exactly what you’ll need to rebuild in the Bahamas.

You’ll be rebuilding with an eye to the future, and the certainty of more hurricanes to come. That means you’ll want to rebuild every home and business with as much strength as possible, to withstand the next hurricane. Most people focus on foundations, walls and roofs when building a storm proof house. That’s good; the building needs to be solid and sturdy to hold up to the beating a storm like Dorian is going to give. It’s all for nothing, though, if you forget about the windows and doors. Your windows, especially, are weak points. No matter how strong the wall is, if the window breaks you’re vulnerable. The house may be standing after the storm, but with broken windows you can still get so much water damage that your house is uninhabitable. In fact, with broken windows you can start to see structural damage, too.

You want impact resistant doors and windows. These eliminate the weak points in your house. Our impact resistant windows will stand up to objects hitting them at up to 110mph, so you won’t even need to worry about boarding up the doors and windows before the next storm.

We want to help rebuild the Bahamas, and we want to rebuild them stronger than ever before so that the next hurricane is less destructive. Our building materials are of the highest quality, and our impact doors and windows are tough enough to keep you safe from flying debris in a storm. Contact us today to start your order.